Take a historical journey with COOPH through the evolution of the camera & portrait. One shoot, one model and some mad Photoshop skillz recreate these essential milestones in photographic history… Enjoy!

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Photographer: Leo Rosas
Director: Matthew Rycroft
Models: Manuela Kesinovic
Cinematography & Editing: Jon Williams


Pinhole: http://coo.ph/1mjWKiA
Daguerreotype: http://coo.ph/1IQdrvT
Calotype: http://coo.ph/1P2z65h
Ambrotype: http://coo.ph/1I4i2L1
Leica 35mm: http://coo.ph/1J76stg
Polaroid: http://coo.ph/1I4hC7t
Lomography: http://coo.ph/1Up5fnP
Disposable: http://coo.ph/1RNxYTM
SLR: http://coo.ph/1NlhbVc
DSLR: http://coo.ph/1NPvumk
Smartphone: http://coo.ph/1jYrxQf