Lady Leshurr – Black Panther #Youtube

Lady Leshurr – Black Panther

My 3rd freestyle of the year. Directed by King Wowa & edited by me & King Wowa.
My first body of work ‘UNSTABLE’ dropping late summer. VFX – Harry TSU. Big up Missy Elliot on the original!!
It’s the LL brrr shots with a bally I wish a gyal wood no chalet Trust I got the keys like a valet Heat like miami Free throw on em Dwayne Wade on the gyally Erm That’s a 3 second violation Airball and my team stay annihilating Trust So I really don’t know why ya hating Cus you copy so much you’d think were Siamese twins Look Feel me nuh All them other gyal dem are regular Hear me nuh? On the radio or a video Si mi nuh? All these likkle gyal better simmer down Inferior she ain’t the real ting I’m the original Hit it up He want the kitty kat make him break it down Tippy toe Ride it like a horse tell her giddy up Benover Gyal ah tear it up Gyal ah rip it up Go deh gyal! Look nuh, gyal ah catch Chlamydia Dutty gyal! Tell a gutter gyal leave the area Stutter gyal! Eye ah flutter gyal mi nuh fraid ah ya Dig you out the grave I put you in and rebury ya That‘s the only time you’ll be all over social media Banter What you rep for? What you stand for I be at your door like a delivery from Asda Hamper, blacking out looking a panther I will backhand her Straight to Wakanda! Rasta I will blast her mi ah di master Casper, mi duppy down gyal the body snatcher Dashed her, in a trashbag come and grab that Bad gyal vs a dead gyal is a disaster Actor, cut the chapter mi didn’t cast her Fracture, put the gas up in Madagascar Scratch that, give em airtime when I’m here they like Asthma I got asthma I got asthma!! Killing all ah dem becah mi no seh mi bad Quick tings and never slowly Don’t have to lie to be cozy Holy moly I’ll spin a gyal quicker than Rolly polly All and only I’m Bigger than him and her and totally On the ball like Kobe They taking shots, well I’m the goalie All your team is phonie I think you know I know you know it And you low on money You gon need mo you finding Dory What’s the story like an episode of Balamory ay! Chorus They don’t wanna mess becah mi cold yeah mi real la la Everybody knows I got the flow and the Skill la la Man are even hating on the girl better Chill la la Man are even hating on the girl Seen x2 Wakanda Forever x8
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